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Below are some words shared by some of my clients and students during my time with them.

If you feel moved to share your experience of our time together, please write your testimonial here.



I wanted to say thank you for the session you had with my brother. I spoke to him after that and he seemed much at peace. Hoping this is a start to new beginnings!


I met Teya years ago in Hong Kong, and have continued to work with her after I moved back to Europe. My experiences have always been feeling met and seen as who I truly am in great love, compassion and empathy. I feel very connected to Teya and have since day one been in awe of her gift – not only has she been spot on in her readings of the present, this is also true in close to 100% of what she has predicted for me in my life, even the things that didn’t resonate with me at the time or that didn’t feel seeded in me at the time. Teya has also helped me hold my light at difficult times and shown me how I could move on in the way that was needed and best for me. I will continue to turn to her for guidance and light.


I’ve been meaning to share for sometime about my experience with Teya. I’ve seen Teya a few times over the last year. She is truely a talented and compassionate person who displays much empathy for clients. During readings with her I have always been amazed with her indepth decriptions of a situation. She has definately helped me in my healing of life’s little ups and downs and offered some sound and helpful advice on how to move forward. I feel Teya really looks into your soul and lets you know what’s important for you to know or learn at the time. I’ve done colour light therapy healing sessions with Teya too. The astounding thing was she was able to pin point exactly where I was having medical issues at the time. She also helped me to speed up my recovery by advising me to increase the dosage of a natural supplement that I was taking at the time, I did and a nodule I had, dramatically reduced it’s size. So a woman of many talents! Thank you Teya for you kindness, sound advise and healing. I’m forever grateful!


Teya’s’ shamanic healing and psychic awareness has helped me enormously in my lifes journey with her deep insight, compassion and kick-ass approach. Her healing helped me recover from the anxiety and trauma of a car crash so much faster and more holistically than psychotherapy with a trauma specialist. She has also helped me recover from chronic fatigue symptoms with a psychic reading that accurately pinpointed the cause allowing me to address and heal it myself. [dropdown_box](As a psychic myself) I have had many healings with Teya and I can say that all her words and healings have all resonated with me on a very deep level. I am so grateful for the help she has given me and the light she has helped me bring into my life. I would absolutely recommend her to anyone and especially seekers on the path of uncovering personal truth and reclaiming their birth right. Now is a key time to be addressing these issues.


Teya is an extraordinary empath and psychic. I have never come across anyone quite like her. She not only gives a detailed reading but has the power to explore things at a unique emotional depth. ” I agree, and I am so thankful to have met Teya on my Life journey. She is someone I trusted instantly. After we met in HK I had 2 follow up sessions on skype that were as meanigful and powerful as on sight. Visions, healing, body sensations… In a nutshell she helped me understand my wounds, and connect to my Higher-Self. I experience more peace, self-comfidence, self-compassion ( before it was only toward others lol), increased energy and resources, intuition and will definitely follow my inner journey with her! Much love and gratitude Teya!



Teya is an extraordinary empath and psychic. I have never come across anyone quite like her. She not only gives a detailed reading but has the power to explore things at a unique emotional depth. I have sourced her myself and am delighted to have her on board. I find her INCREDIBLE. She gives the same powerful readings as myself in a similar style. She is deep and astounding!


Dear Teya, First of all, delayed thanks for your wonderful visit in Copenhagen in August. We were so pleased to have your here, and your sessions with my two daughters I were tremendous. I’m amazed how your drum-session helped me visualize the path for my husband and I in our dream of creating a place in the countryside for gatherings. One month after, we found the place, and it looked exactly like my dreams – a lovely farm. Our house in Copenhagen were sold within two days! And after further four days we found a lovely small apartment in Copenhagen so we still have a base here – as I still have to work in the city. We feel that magic has been involved, and I thank you deeply for helping me contacting ‘the land spirits’.


You certainly have manifested being the ultimate healer of all time... I must tell you two AMAZING things that you have seen in the cards are actually translated accurately to a jaw-dropping degree! You have a uniqueness like no other.


HUGE thanks for your completely badass and to the tiniest detail accurate reading- I am shaking all over in shock -Spirit speaking to me and waking me up – thanks!


Aww, you are just amazing - so caring and loving. I am so happy to have you!


Teya is without doubt the most amazingly accurate, loving and kind reader I have ever been blessed to come across. Having a reading/healing with her is as profound as having a one-on-one with your soul. Once you meet her you can’t, and won’t, ever forget her. You leave feeling loved, guided and on track to empowerment. She has touched my heart; words cannot do this woman enough justice xxxx


There is an old saying, “When you are ready, your teacher will be present!!” My encounter with Teya was quite miraculous in some ways I would say. I came from a background with my love with Jungian Psychology and have met several wonderful teachers in my life in HKG and US in different conferences and sessions based on dreamwork, archetypes, mythology and Unconscious materials. What attracted me to Teya was also from my believe of synchronicity.. [dropdown_box expand_text=”” show_more=”More” show_less=”Less” start=”hide”] I remembered in Sept 2012, I was exploring issues related to my Bruxism (teeth grinding at night) and I bumped into a Shamanic website with a black panther animal totem. I was always deeply attracted with panther since the Cartier Odyssey TV advertisement in March 2012. I went to a free introductory talk hosted by Teya when she was in HKG in Oct 2012, she was talking about her background, her work and to my surprise, she was having a drum with a black panther on it, and I was told later that she had tailor-made. So I believed that the black panther guided me to her as my teacher. Teya is very honest at the first place by saying that healing will only take place if one is willing to go through the pain (the darkness), rather than just purely focusing or talking about the light. This is really in sync to my believes that healing and transformation will only take place if one is willing to take the courage to look at our own shadow materials and unconscious pattern. Teya demonstrates herself as a powerful, authentic, humble, honest, experienced and compassionate teacher. To me, a true teacher is someone who can consciously put her spiritual believes in practice rather than just talking about them. I am not saying that a teacher needs to be perfect in every aspect, but at least she is very conscious of her role. She respects herself and the work she does, and at the same time have the strong capacity to hold the differences and not to let her ego take the driving seat in many aspects. She is always being very humble too. Teya is also very honest to her clients and I remember asking her initially if it was useful to do Colour Light Therapy since I was out of work with some financial worries. Teya explained to me her values about money, the benefits of Colour Light therapy, and how she saved money for healing sessions as her top priority when she was younger, and at the same time, she also told me honestly that she wanted me to take the initiative to make my own choice because she has neither any rights to interfere nor impose any values on my decision along my own growth and development process. I have to say that her behaviour does demonstrate to me that she put my need as the top priority rather than just aiming to make money out of her clients. After several Colour Light Therapy sessions, although I cannot tell people exactly the things that have changed in my outer world, I have to say that some very old, buried and deep emotions from my childhood experiences are released, and it is as though that some big stones are being rolled away automatically. I feel refreshed, rejuvenated and more courageous to go back to my life. I believe that all powerful healers are deeply wounded some way or the other, and Teya definitely come from a very unconventional background (let her tell you her story if you have a chance). Her real life experiences have helped her understand deeply about humanity and dark side of human nature, and that also help her develop the skills and compassion to be a great and genuine healer. I would highly recommend Teya to anyone as a healer or teacher because only a genuine teacher will ask you not to stick with her teachings only, but rather to open yourself up to experience as much other teachings as possible to find your individual unique truth or path. Teya did mention to me several times about this, which is in sync with a lot of genuine teachers I work with before. Teya is also a good reader too, no bullshit, no pleasing you at all, very down to earth to the issue with solutions. There was a moment when we were talking about some of the touching issue, we were both in tears, and then that she could quickly shift herself back to a healer mode and continue her reading. Amazing!! Afterall as an innerworker myself, I also have done some self-reflection and asked myself if I have any golden projection on Teya or not. To the best of my consciousness, initially maybe yes, but later I also keep reminding myself that no teachers / healers are perfect in any sense because they are also human beings. Still I think Teya is a wonderful teacher and healer, because she knows that every student or client is also her teacher and she also learn from them through her process. I thank you Teya again for giving me an opportunity to write my feelings and appreciation for her during our encounters in HKG. She is truly a teacher that I can learn from through her attitude to her work and believes, and her healing sessions are filled with compassion and wisdom. Thank you, thank you and thank you Teya. I trust that she will continue to practise her spiritual believes and support a much wider scope of people all over the world.


Thank you for helping me recover from unhelpful relationships and see the underlying patterns. Through past life healing and psychic guidance, you have given me tools to self empowerment, reclaiming my power and uncovering and my deeper nature and true self. Your shamanic healing and psychic guidance has helped me be released from ancestral karma and uncover the truth behind the skeletons in my family closet and heal my related emotional turbulence, which in turn caused healing in my family and my ancestors.


Dearest Teya, Still enjoying the thoughts of our meeting and soul retrieval, when you were in Copenhagen. I have had a great pleasure from your work and have actually not had a bad day since! On the contrary I have only had the feeling of getting stronger everyday. I send you warm hugs and heart-filled regards.


I did a series of Colour Light Therapy with Teya, and I can’t recommend it enough. This was an extraordinary and sensitive journey to the heart of emotional clearing and physical well being. Teya gently guided me through layers of self protection to discover the real sensitive and wounded child within. Doing this work has given me confidence, inner strength and conviction in who I am. I now have a clearer sense of myself and I am able to stay present with my feelings and have more compassion and softness for myself and others. My energy is stronger and consistent and I feel as if I am interacting with the world around me in a flowing and healthy way. Teya is incredibly intuitive and was able to tailor each session to my specific needs at each moment and to lead me through the 12 sessions to what felt like a perfect conclusion.


Teya, my sister of love, thank you for the wisdom and guidance, by being in your presence, both physically and via Skype, I can feel I am protected by the divine. I love your candid approach and how you can relate so deeply with compassion and discernment, I am filled with much clarity and confidence, which are evident amongst my close friends and they are all trying to get a booking with you, thank you Sean K for introducing me to you. With heartfelt thanks and gratitude for the sharing your light and love.


Hello Teya, I just wanted to say thank you very much for the two very informative and supportive sessions with you. I feel a new lease of life although some days I get completely exhausted from the amount of energy I am going through. I do need to learn to pace myself a lot better. I do wish I had met you a couple of years ago when this whole mess first started. With your help and guidance back then I am sure things would have been very different to how they are right now. If possible, I would like to look into having a session with you in the next couple of weeks just to check in with you on how things are going and if I need to make any changes. Thank you once again for all your help.


Dear Teya, Met you several months ago in Hong Kong. Just wanted to let you know that your indication that I found a new position, and I did. You described it by saying that I would work with camera’s etc. In fact the company I joined providing creative and business intelligence for the fashion and style sectors. So all correct! You also predicted that I would get a new (love) relationship…this has not happened yet but I am sure it will over time. Thanks very much for your insights.


To whom it may concern, This is a testimony for Teya Estar. I have undergone Colour Light Therapy with Teya for several months and it has been a very healing experience. To say she has helped me to change my life is an understatement. Teya is experienced and wise beyond her years. She is a pleasure to work with and I have consistently felt safe and held in a very special place.. I would have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone.


It is with heartfelt relief and gratitude that I write this testimonial to you. I was informed by my doctors that if I did not have the procedure immediately, which was an absolutely terriffying reality I could not bare to face, that I would be in big touble as the cancer would have spread. Following several profound shamanic healing sessions with you, I have successfully cleared many of the underlying issues that I believe now were the cause of my illness. Subsequent blood tests have cleared me of all signs of cancer! If I had followed my fear and given the go-ahead for the operation, I would be a very different woman today. Thank you for everything.


I had a 7 week series of 2 hour Colour Light Therapy sessions with Teya. I feel she is a born healer, intuitively honing in on core issues and responding quickly and and gracefully to whatever came up in the therapy process. I found her compassionate, committed and always open to feedback. I was as impressed by the wide range of skills she has learnt as by her natural gifts, and I feel this combination enables her to work with unusual depth and effectiveness. I’d also like to say that I found the therapy process enjoyable because of her warmth and humour.


You are amazing at what you do. You were never wrong about anything you said.. helping people, healing people, connecting people..just spot on! ty. SK


HUGE thanks for your completely bad ass and to the tiniest detail accurate reading- I am shaking all over in shock – Spirit speaking to me and waking me up- thanks!


I just wanted to thank you for such a wonderful reading this evening. You really were most supportive and insightful of the challenges I face. I really felt I learned and benefited from the reading!


I love your holistic approach and I feel like this is exactly what he would need and not just a general psychologist.


Just to say that ‘your predictions are coming true.. spookily accurate…Tx


Thank very much for the section yesterday, it’s been profound and I am still digesting. Thanks a lots, and have a great weekend!


Hey Teya, I just wanted to say thank you for the reading today - it was super powerful!


I just wanted to let you know that I was very impacted by the last session. The person I became to the end of the session was the opposite of the person I was when it started. I feel so increadibly strong in spirit since last evening and all day today and I sense henceforth. It really was amazing and I wanted to let you know that you are truly very gifted and its very noble the help that you are providing to people.


Teya is an absolutely amazing teacher and person. I would love to see her coming back to Dubai over and over again and would attend all of her workshops. The things she knows and the things she passes to others will help shape our future. She is fantastic.


Dearest Teya, thank you so much for the session it was awesome! feel so overjoyed, thank you again, slept thru the night after ages.


It was great to meet you yesterday. Thank you so much for the reading and healing session. Your reading was intuitive and moving and the whole experience both cathartic and very helpful. I hope that I may follow up with you from time to time. I hope the rest of your stay in Hong Kong is rewarding and that you have a safe trip back to Totnes.


thank you dear Teya…you’ve helped me so much…thank you..and i hope I get to meet you ‘live’ one day…I’ve read up on wolf medicine…it describes me made me cry..and i hope I get to meet you ‘live’ one day…:-) are like sunshine…and you were shinning bright on me today…I trust the spirit…my heart..and life…xxxx….I’d love to learn more from you as love your wisdom.. .so i hope…our roads will crooss..once i settle into my new life..!!


Dear Teya. Thank you for your session today. I am now laying in my bed, not being able to sleep. You where so clear in your reeding. I am almost choked, (in a good way) you gave me the essens of my problems, and the strength to questionize my situation and where i am going. I am so glad i have got to know you so early in my life. I will definitely come to you, when needed again.


Super thank you ever so much for the healing session and your time. Bless you always. Love and hugs to you.


baby love, thank you for everything <3 you helped me connect with my father and helped him cross over the light and united me with my twin flame. you are a fantastic healer and helper. Thank you once again


​I really wanted to say thank you for your acceptance and that you found time for me. And for your help and advises. I really listened to them.


It was such an honor and a pleasure to meet you and to work with you, I just felt the time was limited and I wished I could still have more sessions with you. After your sessions I felt a certain level of relief and my visions were clearer with meaning. I truly enjoyed the Shaman’s Doorway Workshop, it was really enlightening and I had a lot of good questions afterwards.


You are amazing. Sonny’s swollen face is SO much better this morning, it’s almost back to normal. Thank you, you super psychic earth mother you xxxxxx


I feel very grateful that I met you and how you helped me get through lifes difficulties. You have been very sincere and warm-hearted to assist me in doing psychic readings and colour light therapy (which is a completly new experience to me). I believe I am getting myself up in many aspects of my life and I think I can do it very well in the near future.


Thank you. This was my first course with illuminations and was very very interesting and a very good experience. Teya is a very good teacher and very patient with varied levels of understanding or clarity required in the group. She has a very positive teaching method and the course was amazing to be part of. I would be interested to know of future events that she will teach.


Thank you Teya!And now knowing which is my animal guide by my side all the time give me additional courage too . Will continue to heal, meditate and manifest in the interim .


Hi Teya, It was wonderful meeting you, and thank you again for the amazing session. Very helpful indeed.


You are an amazing healer, the world need YOU


I am doing better love and sincerely thanks to you.. I hope spirit of Christmas warms your home and life with equal measure. May it bring enormous joy into your life and carry you forward in a new year filled with lasting happiness. Thank you for being such an amazing person. You are so so loved.

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