I am a hereditary healer and psychic, I’ve been extremely sensitive all my life and this hasn’t always been easy. I’ve experienced lot’s of intense setbacks, learning difficulties, traumas and challenges... like many of us, challenges that have led me~ indeed sometimes pushed me, on to powerful journeys of self discovery, loving, losing and mostly learning~ discovering my infinite ability to choose, to create, to forgive, to release and alchemise my pain in any given moment, into sacred pathways of healing and growth.  The experiences I have gone through have endowed me with more skill as a healer than any professional modality I have trained in. I have been gradually transforming my own 'scars into stars'  


Throughout the past 25 years, I have immersed myself in a vast array of healing processes and gained several professional certifications; ranging from Color Puncture and African Divination, to Shamanic Healing and 5Rhythms Dance® facilitation, Clairvoyant Mediumship, Bereavement Counselling, and much more. 

Through my journey of self healing, I have found myself walking alongside many others who were seeking guidance or transitioning away from this reality. In time, I began to offer professional support to those who are experiencing any kind of disharmony, loss or suffering - either physically, emotionally, psychically or spiritually.


This website is here to tell you more about me, my offerings, and my upcoming events in your city. Browse through and feel free to get in touch with me to know more about how I can assist you further.


​In warmth and gratitude,                  

      Teya xx





My passion lies in watching how wild things grow, in doing what I can to protect nature and her innocents. I stand for our earth's sacred places and all of her creatures - great and small - I seek to return and keep returning to a place of humble harmony and natural sovereignty, in service of all our relations.


I take responsibility for my place in the deep ecology of life, and take active participation and leadership in my care of and contribution to it. This includes forgiving myself when I fuck up.


I love truth, it turns me on. I love dance, and music and all manner of creative expression. I'm blessed to come from a very creative family full of artists, musicians, conservationists, craftsman, designers. writers, teachers, healers and psychics alike.


When I'm not teaching and consulting, I'm often to be found either in a studio making art and crafts and designing clothes, in a wild place growing things and talking to animals, or in a kitchen making home made herbal medicines and raw vegan gourmet cuisine.


I'd say I'm a demi-romantic.. because I'm pretty sure I'm in love with my cat! I am a mum of a magnificent young woman who has perhaps taught me the most, and I am also blessed with lot's of god children and nieces and nephews who help to keep me grounded in what truly matters in life... their future.

pleasure to meet you

thank you for stopping by!

Teya xx