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Animal communication, known also as Interspecies Telepathic Communication, is mind to mind (telepathic), and heart to heart (empathic) communication between individuals of varying species. It is a field of study different to horse 'whispering' for example.

Animal 'Whisperers' are skilled animal behaviourists who work by communicating with animals using body language.

Animals are pure innocence, unfettered by thought, they will 'pick up' on the image or images that a word, phrase, sentence, or indeed an intention or feeling, 'forms' in ones mind, without bias.  They also 'send' images back to our minds and hearts through extrasensory communication. We can then interpret their messages from these images when we become aware of how to do so. It is said that we as humans only use around 10% of our brains. I firmly believe that it is different for animals.. Animals are connected to a stream of intelligence that comes straight from the bio electromagnetic currents of the earth.        They don’t have an ego, a preference or any attachment to outcome, or convenience in the same way we do. An example of how this works is, they just ‘know’ when a storm is coming. They just ‘know’, without knowing how they know. They take their cues about their environment from an innate sensory system that tells them way in advance, to get out of there! They aren’t distracted with technology etc or an attachment to feeling a certain way, not in the way we humans are. They live their lives in an openness, and respond instinctively and appropriately to what is before them. They know how to release any trauma held in the body instantly, they understand the natural cycles of life and death. They know when to lead and when to follow. They only use what is essential, taking no more

and no less than is needed.



  • Deepen your empathy

  • Tap into your innate and often repressed instinctive intelligence

  • Learn how to apply this enhanced sensitivity in everyday situations.

  • Learn about authentic leadership

  • Access vital information, often missed when we are overly identified with the.mind’

  • Learn how to read the signs and messages from our natural world

  • Benefit your whole pet family by learning how to ‘speak’ and understand their language

  • Resolve behavior issues

  • Express your love in deeper ways

  • Learn how to love unconditionally

  • Improve health

  • Find lost pets

  • Find comfort in loss and support in grief


Growing up in an South Africa, surrounded by rich nature and abundant wildlife, I experienced the profound blessing of interspecies communication from my earliest memory. My family bred various breeds of dogs, and my father was always bringing in different kinds of injured or wounded wild animals for us to nurture back to health. I was closely involved in the cyclical birthing, and living and dying processes of many species- every day my garden was a hub of activity, teeming with naughty monkeys in the trees, critters of every kind engaging in their daily survival, deer and impala wandering around in the forest close to our house, and I could see dolphins swimming in the sea from my bedroom window etc. Without knowing how or why, I could ‘feel’ their emotions, their intentions, and I ‘knew’ when they were either in trouble or even when they were trying to warn me of impending danger, they also just seemed to know when I was in any kind of pain, and they would gather around me to bring me healing and comfort. Most especially, I have received such  enormous love and a sense of belonging from my animal friends- which has helped me to keep my heart and mind in a state of openness, even when life’s difficulties would tempt me to harden and close.


  • Pet and domestic animal communication

  • More insight into their nutritional needs

  • Health concern solutions to create more balance and a happier, healthier animal  

  • Information about your pet that you may not be aware of, that may be really important for you to know

  • How best to transition your pet or beloved animal during the death and dying process, and what their parting message is to you

  • Ways to help pets with their grief when they lose a companion

  • Healing solutions for you and your pet

  • Help with finding missing pets

  • Learn how to connect more deeply with animals in the wild

  • Connecting with your own unique Power Animal Spirit Guide through Shamanic Journeying and Power Animal retrievals




Everyone has a spirit animal medicine guide.

Shamans understand that everything’ has a soul, and is imbued with its own consciousness and wisdom~ hence the term Anima~ which means ‘Soul’ in ancient Greek. Power animals are an essential component of shamanic practice. They are the guiding/protector spirit which add to the personal power and instinctive intelligence of an individual, and are essential for success in any venture undertaken, from tracking the right mate, to sourcing the right food, to tracking the right job or home etc.

Shamans believe that everyone has a unique animal totem spirit, endowing them with enhanced ‘gut’ instincts and protecting them from illness, acting similarly to a guardian angel. Each power animal that you have increases your natural power and innate sovereignty, so that illnesses or negative energy cannot enter your body. Your unique animal spirit also lends you the wisdom of its own kind~ for example, a lion spirit will give you lion wisdom, and lend you some of the qualities and attributes of a lion etc.


Everyone is thought to have a few of these guardian power animals throughout their lives, from childhood onwards. Over the course of her or his life, a person may have several. If a power animal leaves and one does not come to take its place, the individual is considered to be disempowered and therefore vulnerable to illness and bad luck.  Power animal retrieval is a healing journey where the shamanic healer goes to find a new power animal for you. We all need access to high vibration healing and blessing, intuitive intelligence, but in life on planet Earth, we also need to have access to our fierce and grounded, guttural instinctive intelligence. Both are necessary for our overall balance and integrity as human beings.

Any living creature can serve as a power animal. (Plants and trees can serve as plant spirit guides.) It is also possible to have a domesticated animal as a totem spirit, but it is rare and we are more likely to have a wild untamed animal serve in the capacity of a power animal.

Please visit the Shamanic Healing page for more information.

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You are amazing at what you do, You were never wrong about anything you said.. helping people, healing people, connecting people..just spot on!


Thank you Teya! And now knowing which is my animal guide by my side all the time give me additional courage too.  Will continue to heal, meditate and manifest in the interim .


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