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This synthesis of modalities includes Brandon Bays The Journey work, hypnotherapy, dialoguing, shamanic journeying and intense emotional, physical and psychological release through embodied movement and meditative deep breathing.


Through years of practice and working with people in a therapeutic way, my greatest teachers have been indeed been my clients, and tapping into the infinite wisdom and intelligence held within their own bodies and subconscious memories. I have discovered a very effective method that brings instant relief, and facilitates immediate and powerful shifts in ones consciousness.


During sessions, a simple cognitive inquiry process into an illness or issue has often revealed a much deeper root or underlying cause. Often this has manifested as past life memories and deeply imbedded emotion or fear, trapped in their cellular consciousness~

rising to the surface of their awareness.


These landscapes reveal long held patterns in the psyche, addictions and self destructive programs that we go on repeating in our current lives, either from our karmic (esoteric), or ancestral (energetic) inheritance. These patterns show up in our relationships most especially, but they also appear in every other aspect of our lives.


This dynamic combination therapy quickly gets to the root of a trapped program or karmic imprint, and instantly releases it in a very physical and cathartic way, using a combination of Trauma release shaking, deep cathartic breathing, energetic vomiting (not actual puking), sound therapy, voice release, movement meditation, constellation therapy and

shamanic journeying.


  • Feel an immediate sense relief from trapped and long held pain on any level of your psyche

  • Gain greater clarity and more lightness of being

  • Witness the long, amazing journey you have walked as a soul, in many forms, throughout many lifetimes

  • Touch a renewed sense of soul purpose, personal evolution and destiny

  • Have deeper insight into patterns of fear, guilt, self punishment and/or shame that have held you back in your life, and discover more resource to choose different pathways for the future

  • Create and command new life affirming vows and soul contracts that bless your future steps

  • Be given practical tools and strategies to help you integrate and align with new life affirming patterns

  • Experience more freedom of choice and personal sovereignty as you step off the karmic roundabout, and truly claim your Free Will

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