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A reliable and strong intuition is a powerful ally. We each need to cultivate an internal sense of trust and the ability to guide ourselves through the many shifts and challenges that are taking place on the earth at this time.

Everyone is psychic but not everybody knows it! Have you ever walked into a room either instantly at ease or strangely uncomfortable?  Or have you felt the same sense with a person?  Have you ever been in a wonderful mood and then crossed paths with someone who was feeling really awful and come away feeling like that yourself?  Or have you walked into a room and felt the tension of somebody having an argument moments before?  While you may consider these situations as 'normal', these are psychic impressions that we either can't discern or take for granted.


When we don't understand our own psychic capacity, we end up being a psychic sponge, carrying around all these different energies in our psychic field and not knowing why we feel so off kilter!

 In this workshop we will focus on opening up the ability to know with clarity: what is best for yourself, what is best for others, which course of action to take in a certain situation and what to expect in the near future.

When information comes from a clean and enlightened place, it resonates with the heart and touches people on the level of the soul, it becomes more than guidance,

it becomes healing.


  • Learning about psychic sensitivity through all the senses

  • The chakras and auric bodies, and how to work with them

  • Meeting and working with your higher self, spirit guide and power animal

  • Grounding - what it is, how to do it, and why it is so important

  • Creating sacred space

What would you like to explore next?

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