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DURATION: 2hr session or 1 full day intensive experiential training




The intention of this workshop is to demystify & shed light upon this sacred rite of passage - one which we must all inevitably pass through in our lives.


The dying process can be a troubling & confusing time for souls leaving our Earth plane - as much as it can be for those of us left behind. Some souls may be frightened or feel reluctant to cross over because of fear of the unknown, or because of certain limiting beliefs.

Others, may not want to transition because they do not want to leave their loved ones behind. Many souls who have unresolved issues in the Earth plane are also reluctant to cross over, therefore remaining ‘stuck’ as ‘ghosts’ in an in-between plane.


This difficult time can be greatly eased by applying simple, specific & time-honoured techniques to aid comfortably & gracefully in this inevitable life transition.


This workshop teaches participants trusted & traditional methods for helping the dying & the dead walk comfortably & safely to the other side, bringing deep peace & completion to all of those affected in the process. It is invaluable to have these skills ready to apply at any time.


This is a non-denominational & specialized workshop based on ancient Shamanic teachings that find their roots in most of our indigenous & world religions today. Participants will learn how to administer simple, empowering & effective techniques to assist individuals who are either getting ready to transition out of this life, or who have already physically died, but have not fully transitioned into Spirit.


The process of transitioning, the steps that must be taken in order to leave the Earth plane, & the process of crossing over into light consciousness are explained & demonstrated to the participant.


  • The bioenergetics of dying; how energy centres in the body release during the process of transitioning

  • How to safely connect with your higher self & spiritual guides~ & how to be an anchor of light during transitioning in order to help the individual/s feel safe & loved during the transition process

  • What happens after a person physically dies? ... understanding the steps of the transition process, & assisting the transition, using simple healing & meditation techniques 

  • How to safely establish & maintain communication with an individual that has physically died but has not yet crossed over. This communication is for the purpose of walking him or her over to the other side.

  • How to utilize advanced Shamanic techniques to safely walk individuals & or groups who have died, but have not yet crossed into Spirit.

  • How to communicate with, and walk, those animals that have transitioned, but not yet left the Earth plane

  • How to utilize advanced Shamanic techniques to clear a house, an office, or other space of undesirable energy ... including lingering spirits or entities 

  • We will conclude the workshop with a celebration ceremony to honour & bless our loved ones, & those who we have helped to cross over during the 2 days 

  • You will need to bring: a candle; a pink, red or white flower; a photo or object representing someone close to you who has died; loose comfortable clothing; a blanket or shawl; notebook & pen; bottle of water & any light energy snacks you may require throughout the training

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